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Ronan Sulich by Adrian Cook for the Australian

By Helen Doick

Ronan Sulich is a distinguished gentleman, and the kind we imagine who would love to talk about Jospeh Beuys or Grace Cottington Smith, whilst sipping a Chateaux Mouton and eating cumberland sausages. He’d not be so interested in lazy snaps with #filters. He sits in the esteemed role of: Director and Australian Representative for Christie’s, which The Australian newspaper recently wrote about him titled ” The Heart of The Nation”. Of course Adrian Cook was called upon to shoot his portrait for the article.

Ronan Sulich writes: “Thanks to @adriancookphotography for the fun session of wet plate portraits, probably the least conventional corporate headshot on and I never really thought of myself as “Heart of the Nation”… feeling more like tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping!”

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