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Ant Ong.

Ant Ong’s passion for photography is graced by his love of light and all things natural.

Raised on a dairy farm in rural Australia, he started his photographic career in the early nineties after studying photography in Sydney.

Ant has a strong technical background, over the years he has evolved his technique and now shoots in a very relaxed and ‘true to real-life’ manner. His love of people, life and adventure means that he easily captures the special moments. He has a very natural way of connecting with his subjects and this energy is evident in his work.  He perfectly captures real life ‘caught moments’ with an advertising sensibility.

Ant has worked on a number of lifestyle books showcasing Australia with Author, Susan Duncan for “Life on Pittwater”, published by Random House, also worked with Designer, Fleur Wood and Marie Claire Cook Books with Murdoch publishing.

Andrew Maccoll.

Andrew Maccoll is currently one of Australia’s highest achieving visual creative’s. From an early age Andrew was fascinated by light and form and the interaction of the two. His career started quite young as a darkroom printing assistant while studying for a Bachelors degree in Visual Arts majoring in Multi-Media.

Career highlights so far have been working with brands such as Bvlgari, Dior, NBC Universal, The Ritz Carlton & IBM, and holding titles such as ‘Head of Design’ & ‘Principal Photographer’ for L’Officiel Magazine. Andrew has taken portraits of celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro, Matt Damon, P!NK, and many more. He currently has 3 portraits in the Australian National Portrait Gallery. Andrew has also been honoured by highly esteemed international awards as one of the top ten photographers in the world in his field and as one of the top ten fashion and advertising photographers in Australia by Capture Magazine.

Andrew has recently partnered with Huawei & Leica to evolve awareness and revolutionise smart phone use in photography.

Neil Bailey.

Based in Sydney Australia, Neil has worked throughout the Asia Pacific region for the last decade. He has won international awards and created many memorable campaigns for a host of agencies and clients. He loves working with creative people who wish to push boundaries and inspire. Always up for the challenge that each new job brings. Neil has a keen eye for styling, sourcing great locations and finding the right talent for each assignment.

His work is described as concept photography, which ‘pauses’ the narrative, giving the viewer a sense of ambiguity and familiarity. I like capturing the moment just before or after an event. This leads the viewer to fill in some of the blanks to the story. By not patronising or spoon feeding, you will get more of an engagement in the image. Often shooting observations about human emotions which can be both exaggerated and subtle.

Recent personal projects have seen him shoot series on bee keepers, jockeys, Elvis impersonators, roller derby players and fencers. “They are often subcultures, not interested in the mainstream. I’m interested in people who are passionate and their hobbies then become a lifestyle”.

Andy Lewis.

Andy Lewis is an accomplished food and lifestyle photographer whose work encompasses packaging, advertising and editorial briefs. Andy is based out of his fully equipped kitchen studio in Greenwich, Sydney.

Working closely with his clients, Andy methodically creates beautifully composed and unique images. His extensive photographic, lighting and retouching skills allow him to produce internationally recognised work.

Shooting with Andy is a relaxed experience. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious and help create an enjoyable working environment for his clients, who include some of the largest national and international brands including Woolworth’s, Coles, Masterfoods, Strongbow, Wither Hills, Kingdom Breweries, Midori, Havana Club, Absolut Vodka, V Energy drinks, Cancer Council, Donna Hay, Women’s Weekly, Gourmet Traveller, Delicious Magazine, Diabetic Living, BBC Good Food and Masterchef Magazine.

Adrian Cook.

Over a career spanning 20 years, Adrian has worked for many of the major editorial magazines and advertising agencies worldwide. Some of the clients he has shot for include Adidas, Sprite, Qantas, BA, Telstra, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Olympus Cameras, Nikon, Peugeot, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Kit Kat and Tourism Tasmania. His key interest in photographing people and their environment is strongly evident whether he’s shooting an advertising campaign for Nike, a portrait for Vanity Fair or his own personal work. Adrian’s work has been exhibited worldwide and has picked up awards at Cannes, One Show, D&AD, ACMP and at AOP in London. Lurzers Archive included his work in their issue of “Best 200 Ad Photographers Worldwide for 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. He was also awarded “Best in Show” at the AOP Open in 2010.
Adrian is a father of two and lives in Sydney

Fraser Clements.

I first worked with Fraser on a job because no other photographer was willing to shoot a threesome in a spa pool with two Iraqi women in Full ha-jjib for a vodka advertisement. At the time I was stoked to find a photographer with no moral hang ups, but looking back I realise that should have been my first warning that something was wrong and it is that exact same moral looseness that has resulted in him threatening to distribute certain ‘revealing’ photographs of me if I ever hire another photographer. It seems that I am not alone in this predicament, as many of his clients seem to be forced to keep reusing him like I am. It’s possible, I suppose, that he’s doing a good job – I really have nothing to compare it to however, due to this situation. If you are planning on using him I would suggest that you don’t go out and celebrate with him after a good job – but if you do, don’t let him bring along his camera.

Gary Sheppard.

It’s strange and wonderful the way life twists and turns. A path through an undiscovered country, where a chance meeting can skew your journey in a totally different direction. It was just such an encounter that saw my path diverge from environmental science to photography. As a child I’d always had a fascination with the visual. Toy microscopes and telescopes allowed me to push natural limitations, and take an alternative view of the world. But years later it was that chance encounter that introduced me to photography, allowing me to pursue my interest. Honing my skills over the last two decades has been an amazing experience. It’s these skills and experience that has seen me working on major campaigns both in Australia and overseas while garnering a host of awards from Cannes, Clio. One Show, D&AD, London International, AWARD etc. I am a founding member of ACMP and an AIPP Master of Photography. My philosophy is simple: the key to great advertising photography isn’t to just have highly tuned technical skills, but moreover the ability to visually and conceptually enhance an idea. In the world of advertising the concept is king and a good photographer brings something to the table beyond the simple ability to take a photo. Whether you tell that story in 1/60th of a second still or in a 60 second TVC it’s the narrative and it’s connection to humanity that is the bedrock on which successful communication is based. I keep that in mind, and combine it with experience and technical ability to deliver a product that enhances the creative’s vision. Do it consistently, on time and on budget and you’ve got a winning combination.

Steve Greenaway.

London-born Steve had his sights set on crafting stories from a young age. His dad, a carpenter at the BBC, often took him to work to see new film and television sets and it set the scene for his creative aspirations. (He even went to Christmas party with Dr. Who and the Darleks!) Steve’s strength as a photographer lies in his ability to create a narrative through imagery and capture intriguing moments in time that all-too-often go unnoticed. His work often uses colour to create compositions that are unpredictable and charged with a healthy dose of his trademark wit. A highlight for Steve was being commissioned by Child’s i Foundation to shoot a series of portraits. During the expedition, he photographed abandoned children in order to raise funds and raise awareness of the huge problem desertion poses to millions of children in Uganda. Steve is a finalist in the 2014 HeadOn Portrait competition, a four-time finalist in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Shoot the Chef’ competition and his portrait entitled ‘Trudy’ made Capture Magazine’s distinguished ‘Best Portraits’ list in 2013. His work has also been commended in several advertising industry awards.

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