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Based in Sydney Australia, Neil has worked throughout the Asia Pacific region for the last decade. He has won international awards and created many memorable campaigns for a host of agencies and clients. He loves working with creative people who wish to push boundaries and inspire. Always up for the challenge that each new job brings. Neil has a keen eye for styling, sourcing great locations and finding the right talent for each assignment.

His work is described as concept photography, which ‘pauses’ the narrative, giving the viewer a sense of ambiguity and familiarity. I like capturing the moment just before or after an event. This leads the viewer to fill in some of the blanks to the story. By not patronising or spoon feeding, you will get more of an engagement in the image. Often shooting observations about human emotions which can be both exaggerated and subtle.

Recent personal projects have seen him shoot series on bee keepers, jockeys, Elvis impersonators, roller derby players and fencers. “They are often subcultures, not interested in the mainstream. I’m interested in people who are passionate and their hobbies then become a lifestyle”.

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