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It’s strange and wonderful the way life twists and turns. A path through an undiscovered country, where a chance meeting can skew your journey in a totally different direction. It was just such an encounter that saw my path diverge from environmental science to photography. As a child I’d always had a fascination with the visual. Toy microscopes and telescopes allowed me to push natural limitations, and take an alternative view of the world. But years later it was that chance encounter that introduced me to photography, allowing me to pursue my interest. Honing my skills over the last two decades has been an amazing experience. It’s these skills and experience that has seen me working on major campaigns both in Australia and overseas while garnering a host of awards from Cannes, Clio. One Show, D&AD, London International, AWARD etc. I am a founding member of ACMP and an AIPP Master of Photography. My philosophy is simple: the key to great advertising photography isn’t to just have highly tuned technical skills, but moreover the ability to visually and conceptually enhance an idea. In the world of advertising the concept is king and a good photographer brings something to the table beyond the simple ability to take a photo. Whether you tell that story in 1/60th of a second still or in a 60 second TVC it’s the narrative and it’s connection to humanity that is the bedrock on which successful communication is based. I keep that in mind, and combine it with experience and technical ability to deliver a product that enhances the creative’s vision. Do it consistently, on time and on budget and you’ve got a winning combination.

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