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“Little Lover” by Dir. Cinematographer: Adam Williamson

By Helen Doick

Here at IPM we work with so many Art and Creative Directors, Writers and Commercial makers. During the creative process we are generally¬† absorbed with the production at hand, with strict schedules and campaign vision taking precedence. Nonetheless, our collaborators are super important to us and we also revel in their personal ventures. So recently, whilst working with design agency: Hoyne on 60″ Film content, we nattered on set to Adam Williamson from the creative team. Adam has worked in the film industry as a 3D/VFX artist on films as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so although now perches high up in agency land as 3d artist, videographer and editor, he told us about his Directing and Cinematography work. He recently made a ‘Dance for Film’ piece titled “Little Lover” which of course tantalised IPM’s EP Helen Doick. HD having come from a dance and choreographic background, as well as having studied ‘Dance For Camera’, got a little bit excited and just had to share this. We certainly hope to work more with Adam and the impressive Hoyne team.

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