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Jon Higgs

By Helen Doick

Jon Higgs? What do we reckon? Well we know he’s a top end commercial photographer and motion content maker, so no point blowing that evident trumpet. He’s worked on successful advertising campaigns for many years, having shot for Nokia, Toshiba, OPSM….(yer yer the list goes on smarty pants). So when Team IPM received a call to Line Produce with John on a recent campaign for Virgin Active, we were intrigued to embark on the project and decide for ourselves on the conjecture of this so called prodigious Higgsy!! The campaign consisted of shooting film content and stills with a streamlined crew and equally trim time frame. The observation? Well not only is the project finale positive, but……..what an impressive shooter!! What Higgs can shoot in three days is up there and it’s bang on. He and IPM’s Line Producer worked together to achieve a remarkable measure of unmarred footage and frames. Well Mr Higgs…… you are welcome anytime!

Film and Stills By John Higgs

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