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‘I Am Here’ By Chris Sisarich

By Helen Doick

Chris Sisarich in collaboration with composer Peter Hobbs, showcase a multi-media and multi-sensory experience, to be exhibited from 8th April till 26th April 2015 at Black Eye Gallery. I AM HERE focuses on existence, the ideas of having an objective reality or being. Sisarich and Hobbs play with the immediate experience and relationship between sound and imagery, in both still and motion mediums. Photography, video and sound installation combine, to make this 20-piece exhibition. The show will see specifically composed sound pieces by Hobbs, accompanying the photographic and motion works by Sisarich. Any photographic pieces wishing to be purchased will come with its accompanying compositions, selling in its entirety as intended. “Each photograph is a living world in itself. It is a past record of one relative moment in space-time, but it also lives now, communicating and imparting feelings. Sound is similar; it truly lives when we experience it, and our feelings bring it to life.” – Chris Sisarich
“I have always loved the merger of visuals and sound. They have a sometimes sublime, sometime tempestuous relationship, it’s a dynamic relationship I personally find highly stimulating and the result of the marriage always seems more than the sum of its parts. I hope you find it so with this exhibition.” – Peter Hobbs

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